We have an interesting relationship with accountability as humans. Habits become enforced through daily discipline but where does the discipline come from? Whether you're at a crossroads in your life or simply need a little extra structure, we're here to help you create your own success and happiness. Through online, over-the-phone or a combination of both types of coaching, we'll provide the level of support and understanding you need to take massive strides in whatever realm of life you choose to make a difference in. With the benefits of both convenience and the ease of sharing virtually or linguistically, this method is an easy way to begin.



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As human beings, we tend to think we know ourselves. Understanding who we are is critical to how our life ends up occurring for us but what if we're unsure how we got here? What do we do when the same patterns continue to show up for us with no way of breaking free?

Life's inherent meanings are buried deep beneath the surface and sometimes, what we struggle to find is actually right under our nose.

As we walk through the forest of life, we depend on those standing atop the mountain or the stars in the sky to guide us to where we cannot see. We're here to be your north star, the internal and external compass that's been missing from your self-discovery process.



No human being is exactly alike. This much is true. What is also true is that no human being is in absolute disagreement with another.

One of the most important lessons I've gathered in my quest for fulfillment and understanding, is that we humans are like mirrors. We see ourselves in one another and while we never will be able to directly view our own face, we can certainly see a reflection of it.

In our group seminars, the curriculum is directly  dependent on the group members. Like the way information is passed throughout time, we learn from each other. The similarities will close the gap on the differences and the differences will never be the same again.



Employee development is critical to every business. What gets the fire burning often can't keep the flame going without some extra gas. Now more than ever, employers are deliberately investing in their employees.

Training and teaching revolving around career advancement are becoming increasingly popular. But does it have to stop at 5pm?

What if you could give your employees something that will not only improve the quality of their work but also the quality of their life? Shedding light on how beliefs are formed, where meaning is assigned and the perceptions we depend on can cause serious breakthroughs in the areas of employee satisfaction. Let us help lower your turnover.